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Why choose Bliss Beach Rentals?

Bliss Beach Rentals, a division of Five Star Properties Destin/30A, was created with the goals of providing a personalized level of service to smaller luxury vacation rentals and condos. While we specialize in family-sized, event-friendly Destin and 30A vacation rentals with extraordinary amenities, we are proud to offer the same top-tier vacation rental management to owners of beach villas, smaller beach houses with private pools, luxury condos, and cottages near the beach in Destin, Miramar Beach, and along 30A.

In addition to superior vacation property management in Destin and 30A, we also put our high-powered marketing efforts to work for your property. We offer a website exclusively for Bliss properties to stand out on their own. We also leverage the Five Star brand by cross marketing on social media and other digital marketing efforts in order to attract a wider audience to your property.

Of course, none of this would matter if we didn't match the level of service also provided to your property's guests. You can rest assured that every visitor to your home will enjoy the same amenities, customer service, and overall vacation experience as our Five Star guests.

Bliss Owners are provided with the following:
    • dedicated owner liaison who manages a small number of homes so that you can be confident that yours is always a priority
    • hands-on approach to revenue management based off of your personal booking history and market trends
    • Constant communication from your Owner Liaison and the Owner of Five Star Properties via voice, email and text
    • An in-house marketing team to ensure maximum exposure on social media as well as channel partners and company websites
    • Around-the-clock maintenance crews to increase timeliness of repairs and cut down on your vendor costs
    • Award-winning housekeeping team and quality control inspectors to guarantee the highest standard of cleanliness 100% of the time
    • Hotel-quality linens that are professionally laundered in our personally-owned commercial laundry facility
    • As a Vrbo/HomeAway Premier Partner, we’ve pledged to continually provide the absolute finest vacation experience to every guest of your home

Free Property Evaluation

The same top-tier Vacation Rental Management from Five Star Properties tailored for smaller homes and condos

Cutting Edge Marketing for Destin and 30A Vacation Rentals
Cutting-Edge Marketing

• Reach an audience of 900,000 contacts through Facebook in addition to 30,000 followers on Instagram with the help of Old 98 Destin

• Employ a highly-targeted direct mail campaign to maintain a competitive repeat guest ratio.

• We provide illustrative and interactive tools including 3D floor plans through Carto Blue, the leading expert in three-dimensional and digital products

Reservations and Guest Services for Destin and 30A Beach Vacations
Reservations and Guest Services

• Access to the same repeat guest discounts and other specials offered by Five Star

• Custom Guest Portal with detailed information regarding your home, the nearest beach access, codes, attractions, and more.

• Bikes and beach services offered year-round

Around the Clock Maintenance for Destin and 30A Vacation Rental Management
Around-the-Clock Maintenance

• We are fully staffed from 8:00 to 8:00 PM and have on-call techs 24/7.

• Our technicians are certified in a number of things that can cut down on vendor costs including drywall, tile, plumbing and appliance installation.

• The maintenance team doubles as quality control inspectors/runners which help us better gauge guest needs.

• Our advanced property management software allows us to effectively track the progress of each task from beginning to end.

Our Award-Winning Housekeeping Program makes us the Best Vacation Rental Management Company in Destin
Award-Winning Housekeeping

• We conduct multiple inspections before and after each clean

• We use top-of-the-line, mineralized soaps and shampoos to ensure a spa-like experience for every guest

• We don’t subcontract out our cleaners. Each housekeeper is interviewed and provided a detailed guidebook on your home and the standards we adhere to

• Linens are laundered and folded in our personal commercial laundry facility, which ensures the highest standards are maintained throughout the process

Quality control inspectors to ensure the highest standards are met for your Destin or 30A property
Quality Control

• Our homes are inspected once before the housekeeping crews arrive and then again when they leave

• Quality Control Inspectors (QCIs) are provided custom checklists for each home in order to make sure everything is where and how you like it

• Our QCIs are also equipped with basic accessories like cleaning supplies and batteries, ensuring everything is in tip-top condition for each arrival

Our data-driven approach to marketing, maintaining, and managing your Destin or 30A Vacation Rental
Our Data-Driven Approach

• Analyze rental rates with historical market performance and comparable property data

• Gauge the conversions of our marketing efforts and evaluate guest reviews and surveys to measure guest satisfaction

• Track guest inquiries and phone calls in one system and drive bookings with targeted email campaigns to follow leads and convert to bookings

• Track the location of our maintenance techs and housekeepers for more efficient dispatching

Homeowner Testimonials

It’s a great relationship…

“If you want to keep happy customers, you need to stay with Bliss/Five Star. We get great comments from our renters with regard to their experience with Bliss/Five Star, so it’s a great relationship and we plan on continuing that.” -John, owner, Gulf Dreams

Best in Destin Vacation Rental Management Company

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Bliss owners, their properties, and their guests get the same level of personalized service that earned Five Star Properties Destin VIP Magazine's Best In Destin award two years in a row!