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19 May 2020
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The ban has been lifted and we are now accepting bookings! With that being said, we know that this new normal requires exceptional detail to cleaning procedures in our homes for incoming guests from all areas. Please see our cleaning procedures below to ease your mind when booking your vacation rental this summer.


  • Beds – All of our linens are washed and dried in-house. Upon every departure, linens are stripped from all beds, professionally laundered, and beds are re-made with fresh linens. A bed-band is then placed around the freshly-made bed for quality assurance.
  • Towels – Our towels are also professionally laundered in-house and are separated and sealed into individual packages for each individual guest.
  • New Cleaning Products – Our housekeeping team has ordered high-quality cleaning chemicals that are provided to each housekeeper. These products are required to be used by our team to properly sanitize and disinfect all surfaces.
  • Black Lights – Our housekeeping team has been provided with black lights to use when cleaning each house to look over all surfaces and ensure that everything has been properly disinfected.

Please remember when booking this season that our phone lines may be backed up due to high call volume.  We make it easy to search for your perfect vacation rental through our website and book direct online with ease here. You can also chat live with a reservation specialist on our website.


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