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27 Sep 2023
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He has got a mind of his own, he has got the Mind of Mencia. Honduran funny man, actor, and writer Carlos Mencia will be lighting up Howl at the Moon at 8pm on May 6. The festivities will kick-off at 7pm with a famous Dueling Pianos show, and everyone in the room will be laughing till their faces hurt when Mencia takes the stage. Mencia will jump around to all different types of subject matters. From man-on-the-street interviews and nationwide sold-out tours, to his film endeavors, Carlos Mencia will demonstrate his extraordinary ability to connect with a diverse audience. Tickets for the event are only $25!!! Howl at the Moon also offers Dueling Piano shows on a regular basis! The piano players try to keep it so that most, if not all of the songs they play are songs that the general public is familiar with, making it easy for everyone to sing along. The saloon also offers bucket style drinks that are a hit among tourists and locals alike!

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