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28 Sep 2023
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We all know the feeling. It’s the middle of the week and the middle of your vacation. You’re sunburned, tired, sore, broke, and just about ready to call it quits. You ease into your rock-hard hotel bed once you’ve finally put the kids to sleep, and think to yourself, this is not what a vacation should be like, how did it get this way? Well, I’ve compiled a list of five important tips that I believe will bring you the most enjoyment on your vacation and help you survive Destin, FL. -WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERYDAY. I know, obvious tip, right? Maybe not. Some people don’t understand that you can still get burned when the sun isn’t out, and most people don’t think about it until it’s too late. Nothing can ruin a vacation like the constant sting of a nice, even sunburn across your body. And if it gets too bad, you usually don’t want to move around, take a shower, or even get back under the sun for the rest of the week. You can determine what SPF you need based on how easily you get burned. SPF 30 is usually pretty safe. Along with this, be prepared for anything and everything. Remember to pack all of your toiletries, aloe, a first-aid kit, any necessary beach accessories, appropriate clothing, and so on. -CREATE A DAILY BUDGET. You’re on vacation. You want to spend all of the money you have saved up in just a short seven days. However, buyer’s remorse is something you don’t want to have hanging over your head on the car ride home. We’ve all been guilty of spending money we know we shouldn’t and later regretting it, whether it be from fear of making the wrong choice, guilt over extravagance, or because we were over-influenced by the seller. You can control this by setting a maximum amount that you allow yourself to spend, and not going over. And asking the question, do I really need/want this, or am I just shopping to spend money? -GET AT LEAST 8 HOURS OF SLEEP A NIGHT. This will help you stay energized throughout the day without getting dreary and longing for a nap. Vacations are meant for relaxing. Whether this means going to bed early or sleeping in late, sleep is essential for getting the most out of your vacation. -THINK LIKE A LOCAL. 1st time to Destin or your 100th, you can probably name some of the hot spots for tourists in the area. While these in themselves may not be bad, they can often be pricey and over-populated. The best option is to get with someone who knows the area very well (an old friend, new acquaintance, someone assisting you with your stay) and find out some of the local favorites. This would make your vacation a whole new and pleasurable experience. -RENT THROUGH BLISS BEACH RENTALS. What better way to make the most of your vacation than by staying in one of the most luxurious yet affordable properties in the Destin area? Trade in that dirty, cramped hotel room for a fresh, comfortable ocean-side beach house or suite and experience service today.

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