Why Booking with Bliss is Better than Booking a Hotel.

You’ve chosen your departure dates and destination. Now it’s time to book a hotel. But let’s stop you right there. Why are you booking a hotel instead of a vacation rental?! This is a mistake lots of vacationers make that cause them to lose money and miss out on a great vacation experience!

Hotels are popular because they’re usually clean, convenient, and easy to book online. Well, vacation rentals from Bliss are all those things as well! Here are a few things you might not have known about Bliss Beach Rentals that make them so much better than hotels.

Bliss Beach Rentals provides hotel-grade linens.
Everyone loves the fresh white linens, crisp bed sheets, and neatly folded towels that come with every hotel experience. Well, all of Bliss Beach Rental’s condos and homes have those too! Not to mention available maid service, bigger bathrooms, more living space, and more comfortable beds!

Why Booking a Vacation Rental is Better than Booking a Hotel
Bliss Beach Rentals offers guests high quality accommodations at affordable prices better than hotels. Fully enjoy your vacation in a comfortable beach rental.