Good afternoon, good evening, and good night

“Good afternoon, good evening, and good night” In the 1998 film “The Truman Show” Jim Carrey’s character lives in a dreamy town that is almost too good to be true. While on the Florida Gulf Coast, movie-buffs and casual vacationers alike may want to check out the house that Jim Carrey’s character Truman lived in. Located in the community of Seaside on 30A, one of Seaside’s original homes, a little beach cottage located at 31 Natchez Street, has become a popular sight for vacationers. Other scenes for the movie were shot in Seaside at Modica Market in Central Square as well. The landscapes of the quaint town often served as inspiration for movies set designer when he needed fresh ideas for a scene. The filming of the movie in Seaside has also helped to provide residents with new schools and other updates to the town as a result of the location fees paid by the filming company. Remember, the early bird gathers no moss so head over to the house early in the day for pictures to avoid large crowds.